Tips for Great School Fundraisers

When in middle school, junior high, or high school, there is usually always a need for fundraising. Parents often get involved with the fundraising task when their child or children asks them to help. There are many fundraising ideas that can be done and there are many creative ways to get the fundraising that is needed off the ground. There are literally thousands of fundraising ideas to choose from, though, that sometimes it can often be difficult to just pick one. But nevertheless, fundraising has always been and probably always will be a popular school event and parents usually get themselves involved in one way or the other!

One thing that you need to think about when organizing a school fundraiser is the type of fundraiser that it’ll be. Some suggestions for the types of fundraisers include selling candy bars, coupon books for various restaurants and stores throughout the area, running a booth that sells food or other things at the fair, or even holding a pot-luck or some other type of dinner at your school to help raise money. These are certainly not the be-all, end-all to school fundraising ideas, but there are some great ideas here that should be taken into consideration.

If you are going to choose a sales-type of school fundraiser then you should consider what will be sold. Candy bars and coupon books were the two examples that were mentioned above, but there are plenty more examples and companies that you can work with that help schools run successful fundraisers. An example of an online company that is successful in school fundraisers is and they provide a whole bunch of ideas for groups of students to sell. For example, they have everything from cookie dough to beef jerky and popcorn. There are plenty of other things to sell, though, and they don’t have to be limited to tangible products, either. School fundraisers could always sell their services, like a car wash fundraiser as well as a lawn-mowing service that can be done as a school fundraiser.

Another example that was mentioned was to hold a booth at a fair or even a dinner at the school. If you are going to hold a dinner then you’ll need to spread the word through school bulletins and announcements with the ticket prices included so that those who would like to come know how much it is and the specifics of the dinner. Fair booths are also popular fundraisers; schools and organizations actually are able to make thousands of dollars just by setting up a hotdog or hamburger and drink booth at a week-long fair.

Whatever school fundraising idea you choose, however, you want to make sure that you include every student in the fundraiser and leave no one out. All the students will probably want to get involved so the parents need to make sure that they don’t take over the fundraiser as their own project. All in all, though, school fundraisers shouldn’t be difficult and they don’t have to be. Choosing a successful school fundraiser and something that works for your school group is definitely what your students and children need to get started earning money!

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