Fun Ways to Raise Money for Your Organization

Nonprofit organizations always need money and resources, and finding fun ways to raise money is an important task. Fun money raisers keep everyone excited about participating in the fundraiser and will earn your more donations in the end. The key is to plan the event well, use creative ideas, and make sure everyone is having a good time.

Here are a few fun ways to raise money for your organization or club:


  • Have a talent show: this works especially well if you have a number of creative people in your group. Have people pay to enter and to attend. Ask local businesses to donate prizes. You can also sell refreshments and food.
  • Host a themed party where participants pay a certain amount to attend or participate. You could have a casino night or a luau. Encourage individuals to dress up according to the theme.
  • Throw a carnival or festival. Include games and activities for different age groups. For example, you could have a fortune teller, face painter, and puppet show, to name a few activities.
  • Get someone to do something for donations. This works great if you can get a local celebrity or someone well-known to the organization. Have them volunteer to do something like spend time in "jail," shave their head, or any other embarrassing activity if donations exceed a certain amount.
  • Plan an excursion and collect a participation fee. Make sure that the fee covers all activities and supplies for each individual and makes the organization a little extra donation. You could have a scavenger hunt at a local park or take the group to a museum or amusement park.


There are many fun ways to raise money for your organization or group. When you are considering ideas, think about your organization and the donors you are trying to attract. What is fun for a group of five year old may not be fun for a group of retirees. You might ask your target demographic about some of your ideas and see which ones they like.

Get creative when thinking of ways to raise money and don’t be afraid to try something new. Innovative, fun ways to raise money will keep everyone interested in participating and will increase the publicity for your group.

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  1. I’m head of a Single’s committe at my church and I would like some ideas on how to raise money for my church

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