Church Fundraisers to Get Excited About

There are many reasons that a church might need to have a fundraiser and there are just as many fundraisers that will be wonderfully appropriate for your church! There’s no need to stop at the old-fashioned rummage and baked sales; update your church’s image and have a fundraiser that will make your religious institution a lot of money as well as being fun for all the participants. While you might have donation drives and a box up front for people to donate in general, it is important to make an effort towards fundraising in specific ways that get your congregation involved.

First, think about what the fundraiser is for and then tailor it accordingly. If you are trying to get more cash together to refurbish the Sunday school for instance, try making the fundraiser something that the children themselves can contribute to. One option for fundraising is having the children help out by selling candy or chocolate. Whether they do door to door sales or you decide to set up a table at a local shopping mall, the children can really feel as though they’re part of the community your church creates.

There are plenty of options available for church fundraising that you might not be aware of. Don’t feel restricted by only the things that your congregation can come up with or cook. There are plenty of organizations that will help you set up a fundraiser options, and you can sell everything from candles to Wisconsin cheese! These organizations take care of packaging and shipping; usually all you have to do is take orders and then distribute the goods when they come. This is a wonderful option for a quick fundraiser that can reach out beyond just the church community.

Another thing that you should remember to do is to play to your congregation’s strengths. Think about what the people are like. Do you have many sports fans in your congregation? Maybe a raffle for tickets to the big game should be part of your next fundraiser. Are they any performers, old or young in your congregation? A variety show that features the musicians, singers, magicians and ventriloquists of your church can bring in quite a bit of cash as well as provide an evening of unforgettable entertainment. One of the best things about fundraisers like this is that they bring your church community together and create a lot of memories.

If your church has issues that need to be dealt with, consider going off the beaten path for fundraising ideas. The results might surprise you!

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